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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How do I get my photo to you for photo restoration?
A. You can send a photo to us by mail or email. For details, refer to:
How to safely package photos for mailing to us or
How to scan pictures for emailing to us
Q. Does it make a difference if I send the original photo or send a copy by email?
A. It is always best to work with the original picture so that we can scan it at a high resolution. The better the digital copy we have to work with the better the results will be. However, very good results can be achieved if we are provided with a good quality color scan (300-600 dpi) by email.
Q. I have a very small photo. How large can it be printed?
A. It depends on a number of factors, but in general very small photos should not be printed larger than 4x6 or 5x7 for best results.
Q. I don't like the idea of sending my precious photo by mail and I don't have a scanner. Is there another option?
A. Yes. You should be able to obtain a good quality scan from a local photo copy store. Have them scan it at 300 or 600 dpi and copy it to a computer disk or CD.
Q. If I send an original photo is it safe? Do you alter the original?
A. Your photo is safe with us. The original picture is scanned to obtain a digital copy. All restoration work is done using the digital copy only. Your original will be returned unharmed.
Q. Is it safe to use the mail system?
A. We have found that the USA and Canadian postal services are very reliable. They both offer track and trace features for an additional fee. You always have the option of sending us a good quality scan copy (300 or 600 dpi) by email, CD, or computer disc instead of parting with your original.
Q. What will I receive back when I place an order?
A. You will receive by mail, your original photo(s), and a print of the restoration. You will receive additional prints if ordered. You can also receive a copy of your print(s) on CD if requested.
Q. My picture has mold and stains. Can you repair these?
A. Yes. This type of damage can be restored. However, the more info you can provide about the photo the better. (i.e. what should be in the background if missing, etc.) We can replace most missing areas of your photo.
Q. How do I place an order?
A. Most people start by sending us an email describing the photo(s) that they wish to have restored. They usually ask about price and how long it will take to be completed. They often include a sample of the photo.
There are no forms to be completed.
You can mail your photo (or a copy on CD or computer disk) to us for restoration or send an email with a good quality scan (300 or 600 dpi) attachment.
Q. How long does it take to complete my order?
A. It depends on the amount of damage. A single photo with moderate damage will be completed in one or two days. If you are ordering prints it will take at least a week for the order to reach you by regular mail. Rush orders can be requested.
Q. Can you work with slides and negatives?
A. No. We can scan your prints but do not offer this service for slides and negatives at this time.
Q. You copy photos to CD. What is the advantage of this?
A. Photographic prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate with age. Digital copies archived to CD will not. Photographs stored on CD can easily be viewed as a slid show on your computer. You can also easily distribute your entire photo collection to family members, and store a copy in a safe place such as a bank vault. More info
Q. Can I review the restoration results before shipment to me?
A. Yes. We will send a proof by email attachment for your review and approval.
Q. What is the difference between glossy and non glossy photo paper?
A. Click here for more information: Glossy or non glossy what's the difference?
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Photo Restoration Samples

Mouse over demo - remove objects
Basic photo restoration - minor damage
Fix a few flaws - minor damage
Replace missing areas - major damage
Replace busy background
Combine two photos
Colorize genealogy photographs
Marker colored shirt photo repair
Damage by dog - major damage
Water damage - major damage
Shredded photo - major damage
Reddish cast removal - minor damage
Photo stuck to glass frame - cast removal
Tintype genealogy photo - major damage
Add or remove people and objects
Severely damaged photo - major damage
Stitch photos together straighten buildings
Wedding day photo - severely faded
Eye glasses glare removal
Repair and combine two photo
Our photo repair or photo enhancement service can breathe new life into old family pictures. Why not give the unique gift of a digital photo restoration. We can also copy your old photographs or genealogy photo collection to CD. All picture repair and photo enhance work is guaranteed.
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